Dietary Phrases You May Not Understand… Till Now

The word “diet” is most often used to signify a weight loss routine. But what does the word really mean? Our diet is simply the foods we choose to consume. People often change their diet to avoid gaining weight or even restrict their daily intake in order to lose weight. Changing our daily diet as a form of weight loss comes in many, many forms. Some diets designed specifically for weight loss are in fact dangerous for otherwise healthy human beings.

Healthy weight loss diets include an increase in fruits, vegetables and pure drinks like water. Rarely will a healthy diet consist primarily of any one food or nutrient source. Diets high in fiber intake require an increase in water consumption because it’s healthier for your digestive system. A well balanced diet is the most intelligent diet plan; for weight loss, weight gain or even just to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sensible Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t the same for everyone. All dietary changes react differently with different people. Sensible weight loss can be summed up as healthy weight loss. Crash diets are not good for us, neither are fad diets or diets that cut out entire food groups.

Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts

Do you enjoy a good cup of frozen yogurt from time to time? If so, you probably already know about the health benefits of eating this tasty treat. If not, you may want to add it to your diet. It is a great replacement for other unhealthy frozen desserts. Read on to get the lowdown on frozen yogurt nutrition facts.

Frozen yogurt is made from yogurt and milk solids instead of milk fat, which is one of the main ingredients in ice cream. This makes it a low-fat alternative to ice cream. It can be served by itself or with a number of toppings and flavorings, including fresh fruit and nuts. Popular fruits used to flavor it are peaches, bananas and various types of berries. Nuts that are commonly added include chopped peanuts, walnuts and almonds. Some people like to substitute honey for sugar when they make it themselves at home.

A quick glance at the ingredients of frozen yogurt show why it’s a healthy treat. Instead of dumping in a bunch of milk fat like the 15% that is found in ice cream, there is only 0.5% milk fat added to frozen yogurt. This is enough to add the proteins necessary

Weight loss surgery- A major life decision, don’t take it lightly

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision and every patient has eyes set on making the surgery- a successful event of their life. Over the years, the numbers have increased and thousands of patients are proceeding with the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or gastric banding surgery for weight loss. >

Every patient after the surgery intends to retain the post-op weight for a longer duration. No one plans or intends to get the surgery done and then go back to their old eating habits and regain the weight. Yet some do, since everyone does not succeed in keeping off weight for a long haul. The is not the same for every patient, since patients react differently after the operation.

To be successful in maintaining your weight begins long before your surgeon meets you in the operating room. The decision to go in for the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in Delhi should not be taken lightly and requires a great deal of soul searching and homework from your end.

Whether you’re investigating the very thought of the surgery or planning about your surgical options, here are a few tips that may help you-

If you’re planning to have a bariatric surgery-

Nutrition and the Humble Sandwich

The sandwich was inadvertently invented by a man titled ‘The Earl of Sandwich’ in 1762. At the time he was way too involved in a game of cards to get up and go to the dining table for a meal and so asked that a portion of the meal be placed between two slices of bread and be brought to him so he could have a bite when he wished and do so without cutlery or getting his hands greasy or messy and, Voila! The sandwich was born.

If you already eat a healthy and nutritious diet then this article is probably not for you although you may be able to use it to help others improve their eating habits.

For those whose diet hasn’t been real good and are wanting to change then this sandwich idea provides a realistic transition phase to a better and healthier way of eating.

There is a huge amount of nutritional research which indicates that raw fruits and vegetables are greatly beneficial to our health and an increasing amount of research which states that the higher the percentage in your daily diet the better because they are alkaline-forming foods with an high enzyme content – things which

The Best Antioxidant Dietary Health Supplement Supplement May Be the Acai Berry

Antioxidants are becoming the most talked about health and fitness trend in years. While we have always known that fruits, vegetables, and vitamins were good for us, we are just starting to realize how helpful antioxidants are to our bodies. Lets discuss what an antioxidant is and then how you can best supplement your diet.

Inside your body, free radicals roam around and damage your cells. I wont get into more details, but if you want to know more, head over to Wikipedia and you can get more information. Ok, so we have established that there are things called free radicals in your body and they are bad news. Now, lets look at how we can fix that.

Antioxidants are the key to neutralizing these free radicals. It isnt this simple, but for our purposes, lets say that one antioxidant kills one free radical. Free radicals are pretty much a given so we have to keep putting more antioxidants into our body so we can keep neutralizing the free radicals and stop the damage they cause.

The important thing to discuss is what you can expect as far as results if you start taking antioxidant supplements. Well, it is different